The Archive Repository (MAK) assembles collections whose items come to us from individuals and institutions. It holds the following types of data files: still images (photographs), sound recordings, moving images (video), and text documents. We distinguish these from the metadata given in the spreadsheets available on the Metadata page. Each row in a Metadata spreadsheet corresponds to one data file in the Repository, and each holds information about that file. See full Description on the Metadata page.

Users who do not need a high level of detail about the Archive files may bypass the Metadata spreadsheets and go directly to the files’ online homes, which we have distinguished by file type.

  • Still image Collections (photos) live as collections on Flickr. Subcollections and/or series are albums.
  • Moving image Collections (videos) live as playlists on YouTube. Subcollections are not yet divided.
  • Sound recordings live on the Sound Recordings page of this website.
  • Text documents live on the Text Documents page of this website.

If, however, you do need metadata, for example, name of the creator/owner, permissions, language, etc., or if you want to sort the files by date or file type, open and download the Metadata spreadsheet after—and only after—you have read about it on the Metadata page.

Note: The Archive is a work in progress and will grow over the coming months and years. Makandal will periodically replace the Metadata spreadsheets with updated sheets.

Example Using Metadata Spreadsheet

You, the User, are interested in theatrical performances by Frisner Augustin and Makandal in the early 1990s. After reading about how Makandal’s spreadsheets work on the Metadata page, you download the spreadsheets, search for performances, and find one that interests you in the Wilcken Collection. You click on the Identifier hyperlink in Column K for that performance and find yourself on the Archive’s YouTube channel, where you can view the entire performance. Find annotation of the performance by clicking on Show More under the YouTube viewer.

Featured Image: Collage of photos by (1) Joujou Foto capturing Frisner Augustin’s Madigra band, mid-1960s (Frisner in center with large drum and wearing bonnet), and (2) Chantal Regnault of Frisner Augustin pouring libations while seated on his family tomb, May 1998. Both photos taken in Port-au-Prince.

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