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Haitian lore abounds with the notion of collective work. Men anpil, chay pa lou. (With many hands the burden is light.) Yon sèl dwèt pa manje kalalou. (You don’t eat okra with one finger.) Haiti has also maintained the konbit (IPA: kõ-bit), a labor collective of distinct West African roots.

The Frisner Augustin Memorial Archive acknowledges individuals and institutions, without whose labor and support the project would never see the light. You can find out more about them through this page’s menu items. Pull down The Archive Konbit menu above, or click on the links below.

Individuals and institutions who donated the items in our Collections

Individuals and institutions who have given financial and/or in-kind support

As a work in progress the Archive continues to rely on the support of friends and family. To make a donation, please click on the Donate button below. You may also send a check made out to La Troupe Makandal, and mailed to the Troupe at 621 Rutland Rd Apt 4C, Brooklyn NY  11203-1716. Thank you in advance for participating in the konbit!

Featured Image: Photo by Koïchiro Sato of Frisner Augustin and Makandal in a performance at the Asahi Beer Headquarters in Tokyo for the Tokyo Summer Festival, 18 July 2007. Performers from the left, Elsie Megie, Huguette France, Marie Charles, Frisner Augustin, audience member, Marc Etienne, Morgan Zwerlein, and Steve Deats.

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